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New Technology Provides for More Than Just Reading Glasses

New Technology Provides for More Than Just Reading Glasses

There are certain types of visual conditions that impact the quality of life and work of individuals. Aging of the eyes, which affect a certain age demographic, is one of these conditions. Individuals with this problem exhibit difficulty in focusing on certain items or experience blurry vision. However, not all symptoms are aging-related; there are those that emerge as a result of daily visual stresses. 

Digital Device Usage and Vision Problems

Digital eye strain often affects individuals who spend long hours in front of their computer or other digital devices. Usage of computers, tablets, and smartphones have been increasing every year. Consequently, the Vision Council has also seen an increase in numbers of people with digital eye strain. 

The nonprofit estimates that more than 83 percent of the U.S. population are using digital devices for more than two hours on a daily basis. These trends in rates and frequency of use also reflect the number of people who experience some type of visual problems. Around 60 percent, as estimated by the Council, have been reported to have symptoms related to digital eye strain. 

Technology Ushers in Comfort Eyewear

Reading glasses have been generally used to provide relief from certain eye problems. But today’s technology has also ushered in a new generation of eyewear with more features. Specially designed lenses have been developed by companies such as Felix Gray that provides more than visual focus or magnification for users. 

This new generation of reading glasses allows the user to read this digital content without straining the eyes. With advanced lenses, blue light and computer glare are filtered without compromising visual quality. Different magnification level and lens customization options are also now available for the comfort of the user. 

Technological Advancements Produce Results

The National Eye Institute has been actively pushing for advancements in visual technology. As a research body, the institute recognizes emerging technology such as these types of new reading glasses that addresses eye strain. The institute works with companies and other bodies in improving the visual health of the community. 

Digital device use has increasingly become an integral part of daily work and living. More individuals are becoming more connected and reliant upon technology. While this digital device use behavior could potentially cause vision problems, luckily, eyewear and lens advancements have made it possible to protect one’s eyes from visual strain and other problems. 

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