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Li Ning Sports Shop lands a Slam Dunk with new basketball range

Li Ning Sports Shop lands a Slam Dunk with new basketball range

Here at Li Ning Online Shop, we’reannouncing the release of our new basketball range. We’ve got a wide variety of high-end products. These include our highly popular Wade basketball shoes and our other CBA basketball shoes.

So, what sets apart Li Ning basketball shoes from anyone else? Most of our products have our Li Ning Cloud technology which efficiently transforms energy into responsive force, making it ideal for springing onto the basketball court. Add in the circulation system, antibacterial features and a lightweight but supportive cushioning, this makes our basketball shoes a great choice to show the world what you’ve got on the court.

We’ve got a huge range of basketball shoes for low prices, no matter what style you like. When you consider that they are jam packed with new tech to improve your game, you’ll want to buy up in bulk.And with stylish designs and a choice of colours, they’ll have you looking sharp on and off the court.

There’s something for everyone in Li Ning’s new basketball range – we have both men’s and women’s basketball shoes, in a variety of sizes, colours and styles. So ladies, you can make the most of our new basketball shoe technology as much as the guys!

Basketball Clothing

Here are Li Ning, we also have a selection of basketball clothing and apparel, which are loose fitting and fashionable as well as being practical on the court. This includes replica jerseys from all your favourite teams from the CBA, so you can dress like your favourite players whilst you’re training to play like them too. We also have a wide range of comfortable training gear and outerwear, such as hoodies, bottoms and jackets. These items are perfect for wearing to and from training and games – no matter how the weather, we’ve got you covered!


Need accessories? Look no further! In addition to hats, scarves and shooting sleeves, the Li Ning basketball range has got all the extras to help you improve your game. We’ve got sturdy but stylish backpacks to get all your new gear to and from games and training, which will keep all of your stuff safe, as well as looking great.

As well as this, we sell a great variety of different basketballs to make sure all your passing, shooting and blocking is on point. These range from outdoor balls, indoor balls, in all different sizes, for all your training and gameplay needs.

At Li Ning sports, we take our name from the legendary gymnast, and for the past twenty years we’ve been producing and selling the best sports brands in China. At Pelsports, we’re a leading dealer of Li Ning products and other great sports brands. We are constantly updating our stock, to keep on the cutting edge of our sportswear, and to ensure that we are catering to all our customer’s needs. It is our passion for providing great sport products and experiences that make us an excellent choice for all your sporting needs.

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