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UNPay won FinTech Innovation Award in 2017.

UNPay won FinTech Innovation Award in 2017.

On January 19, 2018, sponsored by China Times, “The Era of New Financial Products – China Institutions Investors Annual Meeting and the 11th Golden Cicada Award Ceremony” was held in Beijing. UNPay, as a global leading payment service brand, has won unanimous recognition from investors and partners, being on the list with honor and winning FinTech Innovation Award in 2017.

Winning Golden Cicada Award of China Times

“Golden Cicada Award” is an annual financial brand selection activity created by China Times, started as early as 2007, known as the “Financial Oscar”. The most powerful financial institutions will be shortlisted at every yearend within the range of banking, insurance, securities, funds, trust, finance lease, PE, Internet finance and other financial enterprises. It has had a wider influence in financial industry.

“Golden Cicada Award” focuses on financial technology and financial product innovation and gives commendation to outstanding industry representatives. It is one of the most authoritative annual selection activities in financial industry, known as the “Financial Oscar”. The awarding for UNPay is the recognition and encouragement of its contributions and achievements in the field of global mobile payment. The other winners are Baidu Finance, MI Loans and JD payment etc.


Creating one-stop FinTech Open Platform

UNPay (sub-brand of UNext Group) is a leading global payment service brand. It is committed to integrate new mainstream electronic payment method around the world and provides new intelligent integrated payment solutions to the global merchants. UNPay was established in June 2017. Without public financing, UNPay has been chased after as Unicorn by capital market. At present, there are first-class investment institutions to follow up and more than three investment institutions make lump-sum payment to UNPay to complete the investment.

UNPay insists on providing one-stop FinTech Open Platform, empowers global partners, offers the forefront, the preferential, the most professional quality payment technology integrated service provider. With UNPay, partners could put aside their worries like confused multi-channel access, confused multiple platform reconciliation and difficult cross-border payment and easily achieve “One-stop access, global collection and payment”.

Quickly Setting up Global Layout

At present, UNPay has gathered a group of top paying talents in the same camp who come from Ali (including Ant Financial Services Group), Baidu, Tencent, UnionPay, IBM, Microsoft and Amex etc. The companies are setting up in multiple overseas countries. Country manager from all countries is the core startup leader of local well-known payment company and keeps close cooperation with the state’s financial institutions and related government authorities.

UNPay respects the local technology and finance culture of the importing country. UNPay acts as oracle in the filed of payment and does the local landing service with reproducible cloud service capability in the world. Under advantage of strong team, technology, and service, after setting up for a few months, UNPay makes rapid business implementation in multiple countries with fast and diversified business cooperation and has completed the signing and docking with all the well-known payment institutions at home and abroad.

The first stop of “Infrastructure service” for Overseas Business of Fellow Enterprises

UNPay has a strong sense of mission and responsibility. Given the advantages of financial technology, UNPay helps overseas Chinese companies with a flexible and comprehensive payment serivce.

In the process of cooperation with collection business of all industries in landed country, UNPay focuses on cultural communication with the landed country, promotes cultural integration between the two countries, realizes diversify development, establishes a collection bridge for exchange of funds in all industries between the two countries, helps the landed country to change the way of life, breaks the traditional way of life of other countries and makes a breakthrough change.

Consolidation of information and providing industrial solutions

UNPay has eliminated the obstacles such as fragmentation of payment channels, high costs of research and development, difficulty of financial management and slow cross-border access. From “Bank Union” to “Payment Union”, UNPay further integrates the capital flow and information flow for merchants and provides add-on value to global merchants synchronously.

The integration advantages for a large number of globalized resource data will lead to extension of applications. At the same time, open platform will empower enterprises in many areas such as risk control, data, marketing etc.

All of these require years of industry accumulation and abundant overseas resources. At the meanwhile, the founding team is required to be able to calm down in current popular FinTech rush and to develop long-term business instead of making fast money. The core competencies of UNPay are hard to replicate. 

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