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Mold Busters Announces Winter Scholarship Winner

Mold Busters Announces Winter Scholarship Winner

Mold Busters, an asbestos testing and mold removal service located in Ottawa, runs a bi-annual scholarship program for Canadian college and university students. A scholarship winner is announced for both the winter and summer semesters. Mold Busters has recently announced the winner of the winter semester scholarship, Renay Cormier, who will receive $1000 towards schooling expenses. The winning article submission will also be featured on the company website.

Ottawa, Canada – Scholarship programs are a great way for college students to showcase their talents, while vying for a monetary prize that will go towards their schooling expenses. Mold Busters of Ottawa offers one such opportunity for students. The Mold Busters scholarship is awarded twice per year to students who demonstrate an understanding and awareness of common mold topics, such as radon, asbestos, VOCs, or the effects of poor indoor air quality. The winter semester winner has recently been announced, and the winning article has been posted to the company website. Additionally, Mold Busters has posted the articles of the top runners up in the scholarship as a testament to their effort and abilities.

“Our biannual scholarship is designed to help us raise awareness for the health risks that can be caused by poor indoor air quality,” says the Mold Busters VP of Marketing, Tomislav Glogovac. “Rather than asking participants to write on the theoretical aspects of a mold related topic, we also asked that they discuss any remediation techniques or offer practical tips that they felt were effective for preventing or solving such indoor air quality problems. While many of the essays submitted were well thought out and wonderfully written, we can choose only one contestant to award the scholarship to each semester. For the winter semester, we would like to congratulate our winner, Renay Cormier of Carleton University. Her submission can be seen from our blog, which helps us to further spread awareness of the health risks of radon.”

A leading mold removal company from Canada, Mold Busters provides inspection, testing, and remediation services for a number of common indoor air quality causes. In addition to mold and asbestos testing and remediation services, Mold Busters provides resources and case studies that help individuals learn about the dangers of indoor air pollutants such as mold and asbestos. Rather than focusing on providing a solution to indoor air quality issues, Mold Busters focuses on providing awareness of the all too common causes of these issues, helping individuals and families learn the dangers and preventative measures associated with each.

Indoor air quality is a growing concern, not only in homes, but in commercial properties, apartment buildings, and even college dorms. The Mold Busters’ Scholarship Program really hits home for many university and college students. Mold Busters’ Environmental Scholarship Winner was able to demonstrate not only her writing ability and intelligent insights into the importance of radon testing and treatment, but to bring the topic to light in such a way that provokes interest and understanding for readers. Her efforts have been rewarded with a monetary prize towards her school expenses and a featured spot for her article on the Mold Busters website. Mold Busters continues to offer their scholarship program for Canadian university and college students, awarding winners twice per year. The company will be accepting essay submissions for the summer semester until April 21st, 2018.

Mold Busters is located at 655 Richmond Rd #29 in Ottawa, Ontario (K2A 3Y3), Canada. The company can be reached by phone at +1 613-262-3242.

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