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Americans Rediscover the Elegance of Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings

Americans Rediscover the Elegance of Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, sales of engagement rings are trending upward. Diamond solitaire engagement rings are seeing a strong year of sales already, with ring buyers apparently feeling nostalgic for the simple elegance of this style of engagement ring.

Diamond solitaire rings are engagement rings with a single diamond set in them. This really makes the diamond the star of the show and a big attraction. At the same time, having a single diamond allows the ring to feel minimal and elegant. Solitaire rings are a big draw for people who don’t want something that feels like “too much.”

But solitaires are also a classic. Solitaries used to be called Tiffany settings in 1886, due to a designer from Tiffany and Company being the person who created a six-prong solitaire style immediately. The style has spread to all ring makers since then and therefore come to be known simply as a solitaire and not a Tiffany setting.

Celebrities have been choosing solitaires for a long time as well. Frank Sinatra chose a solitaire for Mia Farrow in 1966, for example. In more recent times, celebrities like Keira Knightley and Sarah Jessica Parker have also been seen sporting elegant and glitzy solitaire style engagement rings.

It is no surprise, then, that engagement ring sellers such as Hayden Cudworth have reported solitaire engagement ring sales to a huge portion of their customer base. Valentine’s Day generally means more sales of gifts like flowers and engagement rings, and diamond solitaire engagement rings are the quintessential engagement ring. It is the classic engagement ring style while still having a lot of options for personalization, such as four-prong vs six-prong for added gem visibility and marquise vs pear cuts for the diamond itself.

Trends among buyers reveal many choices when it comes to shape and cut. Some solitaires have 57 to 76 facets. These princess cuts are aptly named, as they offer exceptional shine due to the high number of facets cut into the stone. More facets means more light reflection and therefore more shine. Still, when it comes to diamond solitaire engagement rings, that shine is elegant rather than ostentatious.

Anyone looking for a diamond ring for Valentine’s Day, or any other occasion, may want to consider solitaires for their versatility, shine and elegance. For more information or engagement ring options, contact Hayden Cudworth.

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