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Karkanawi Introduces Fascinating Saudi Classical Music through His Album Symphonic Oriental Images for International Audiences

Karkanawi Introduces Fascinating Saudi Classical Music through His Album Symphonic Oriental Images for International Audiences

Lose yourself in the passionate sounds of the Orient by listening to the first Saudi Classical Composer Karkanawi.

Jeddah, KSA – February 12th, 2018Karkanaw introduces authentic oriental charming sounds to listeners around the world now via his debut album Symphonic Oriental Images, with two orchestral pieces being available for listening and downloading on a variety of websites. Beautiful and melodious and accompanied by exquisite Modern orchestral sounds in the most unique and delightful ways. The music is highly vibrant and full of images. It is certain to transport its listeners into a new dimension of existence.

Despite the great novelty of his musical language, Karkanawi does not hesitate to savor Oriental and Saudi ethnic themes developed and molded into the body of his intangible musical being.  In melodic and rhythmic themes alike, he is a composer, a subtle ethnomusicologist who reflects equally in melodic and rhythmic themes the immanent existence of the soul of the people, the oriental soul in its primitive state, becoming the soul of Karkanawi and by extension the universal soul.

Karkanawi has spent years mastering his skills in music before making this known on a world stage. He has been active as a student and as an academic researcher at the Notre Dame University in Lebanon and has been working under several experts, investigating on important issues related to classical music and the ethnic music of Saudi Arabia, being the first Academic Saudi Ethno-musicologist. He has always proven his skills as an avant-garde researcher and Classical composer.

Karkanawi’s debut album Symphonic Oriental Images is composed of two classical tracks that are likely to go down well with not only music connoisseurs and experts but also with people listening to such music for the first time. The artist combines modern harmonies and musical techniques with traditional classical music elements giving his music a uniqueness that has not been seen or known before. Listeners can expect to hear some really traditional Arabian classical music interspersed with orchestral sound when it comes to the music made by Karkanawi.

Karkanawi’s music is available on many different websites and major music stores online including Amazon and iTunes and can be downloaded with ease.

About Karkanawi:

Karkanawi is a trained classical musician and holds a degree from the University of Notre Dame, in Lebanon. He specializes in Musicology and works as an Ethno-musicologist in addition to being a music composer. His music is aimed at people belonging to diverse age groups and is known for its unique sounds.

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