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Workout Decks Bodyweight Fitness Cards Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Workout Decks Bodyweight Fitness Cards Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Workout Decks Bodyweight Series is a custom deck of cards for those who want to generate highly effective circuit, pyramid and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts. Now, Workout Decks has launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring these cards to the public.

Workout Decks Bodyweight Series was developed to provide those who want to work out effectively with a safe and easy means to do so.  Research has shown that HIIT or high-intensity interval training, circuit training and pyramid workouts are more effective than other types of workouts.  However, managing this type of workout schedule can be difficult.  Now, Workout Decks Bodyweight Series makes it simple to mix up workouts for maximum effectiveness.  A new Kickstarter campaign, located at, will fund this project and bring this easy-to-use tool to many who need workout help.

The Workout Decks Bodyweight Series is different from other workout regimens in several ways.  The deck includes 48 unique exercises plus four “Aces” for rest cards.  Combined with six output variables, there are more than 8 billion workout combinations possible.  Additionally, there are four workout style variations, including Tabata, HIIT, Circuits and Pyramids.  The deck includes three prison workout cards as well.  With high-quality illustrations and easy-to-understand instructions, the deck is also easy to use.  A Quickstart Video is included with the deck.

Creator Doug Kramer began designing the deck in August 2014.  The team tested variations and combinations to achieve the best “card game” strategy possible.  The requirements for the deck were that it had to be effective in helping users achieve measurable fitness gains, practical to incorporate in one’s workout strategy and capable of creating entertaining workout experiences for a wide range of fitness abilities.  Once the deck was designed, Kramer and his team launched the Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to being production.

For more information on the deck, pledge options and other choices, see the Kickstarter page.

About Workout Decks Bodyweight Fitness Cards:  

The Workout Decks Bodyweight Series is designed to help users of any fitness level achieve the most effective workouts possible by combining exercises in random patterns for high-intensity interval training, circuit and pyramid exercise routines.

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